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Back Pain & Tennis

Andy Murray missed a chunk of this season due to back surgery and Andre Agassi was famously plagued by back problems.

Top players use exaggerated upper body rotation for groundstrokes, arch and extend their backs for the serve and constantly pound their joints on the hard surfaces. Fortunately most back problems in club players originate off court, but can often be aggravated by playing tennis.

Top Tips

  • control and rotating through the pelvis and trunk rather than relying on the shoulder and arm muscles. This will add control and power for the club player and help prevent elbow and shoulder injuries.
  • Introduce any changes of technique gently without over practicing and allow the body to recover.
  • Always warm up gently but thoroughly.
  • If you have back problems avoid the exaggerated back arching of the heavy kick serve. Consider using a slice serve.
  • If you have a stiff back work on your flexibility with some regular stretches to improve spinal range.
  • Seek advice on how to develop a balance of spinal flexibility and strength in the core muscles that can facilitate good play whilst protecting the spine.
  • Maintain a high level of all round fitness.

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