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If you have Private Medical Insurance,

Although treatment carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist is usually refundable by all major health insurance companies. Please contact your insurance company before commencing treatment, to clarify:

  • Whether a medical referral is required
  • Whether you have an excess liability on your policy and if so how much
  • Any restrictions on the amount that can be claimed per treatment session
  • Is there any restriction on the number of treatments available
  • Any other policy restrictions which may be imposed

Please bring with you to your first appointment your membership details and any authorisation number you have been given.

This clinic does not always operate a direct settlement scheme with insurance companies owing to the lengthy settlement periods.

Some links to Insurance companies:


0845 6090111

AXA PPP Healthcare

0800 454080


01823 625000

Norwich Union

0870 1555789

Standard Life Healthcare

01483 440550

First Assist Group Ltd

01202 292464


0870 3331174

General & Medical

0870 7491900